Payment Service Providers

X^2 is the simplest, fastest way to add open banking payments and financial data to your platform.
Payment Service Providers

Use Cases


Drive revenue with data insight solutions

With X^2 Data, PSPs can offer value-added insight solutions to merchants. For example, PSPs and merchants can access real-time transactional data to uncover income and spending patterns and develop critical consumer insights. Armed with deeper data, merchants can identify loyal customers, develop prediction capabilities, trigger notifications or personalized lending or sales offers at the point of sale, or build value-added programmes

Reinvent financial experiences

With X^2 complete open banking toolkit, businesses can blend API-based payments and data insights to reinvent financial experiences. For example, using verified customer data to enable assertion driven payments based on age, ID or account.

Request to Pay via bank transfer

X^2 Payments’ Request to Pay (RTP) feature is the simplest way for merchants or suppliers to prompt invoice and bill payments through convenient, lower-cost bank transfers.